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Brain Resources for Seniors

Validated sites related to brain health and general information for older adults and caregivers, from external sources and from Dana publications.

Staying Sharp

The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives' Staying Sharp program includes live public forums, printed and printable resources, and videos.

Reports on Progress

Reviews by eminent neuroscientists of specific areas of research, including normal function, disease, and new technologies. 


BrainWeb provides information and links to validated sites about brain diseases and disorders from external sources and from Dana publications.


Recent Articles 


A Key Defender of the Aging Brain?

The loss of the REST protein from neurons appears to be an important early event in neurodegenerative disease. Researchers now are looking for ways to restore it in the elderly.


A Fountain of Youth for the Brain?

Scientists have reported promising rejuvenation experiments on mouse brains-but it isn't clear that such results can be translated usefully into human therapies.

Alzheimer's Early-Warning Biomarkers: Are We There Yet?

A recent finding of an Alzheimer's early-warning "biomarker" needs replication, but researchers expect to have reliable ones before too long.


Glycotoxicity: A New Risk Factor for Alzheimer’s?

Advanced glycation end-products from high-temperature cooking have already been linked to diabetes and heart disease, and scientists are now looking at their effects on the brain.

Older, Slower—But Wiser?

Two new studies reinterpret classic signs of cognitive decline.