Lending Library

The Lending Library program is a collaboration between the Dana Alliance and university neuroscience departments. Brain and neuron models, posters, and related educational materials are provided to neuroscience departments to be used for educational outreach programming at local schools, community centers, museums, summer camps, etc.   

To qualify, a department must verify that an outreach education program is currently in place or submit a written plan to start such a program.  This letter is to ensure that the program will continue even though post-docs or faculty may leave the university.  In addition, a contact person must be designated who is responsible for the Lending Library materials and for providing two reports each year on the individual uses of the materials, including the number of people reached. 

Once we receive a verification letter from a university administrator or faculty member, our aim is to provide easily transportable models, posters, etc. for outreach education in the community (we do not provide art supplies).  As part of the Lending Library program, we encourage our university partners to allow teachers from the K-12 schools with which they have a relationship to borrow the materials when teaching units on the brain.  Free Dana Alliance brochures are also provided as needed.

Lending Library partners are: 

University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Neurosciences Graduate Program 
• Center for Behavioral Neuroscience in Atlanta
• Vanderbilt University, Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach 
Washington University at St. Louis 
• University of Utah Brain Institute 
University of Washington 
Oregon Health and Science University 
• Columbia University Neuroscience Outreach (CUNO) 
• Wake Forest University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Brain Awareness Council
• University of New England, Center for Excellence in Neurosciences
• New York University Neuroscience Outreach Group (NOGN)
• Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Sinai Neuroscience Outreach Program (SNOP)
• Hunter College, Department of Biological Sciences
• Stetson University, Department of Psychology

For additional information or to apply to be a Lending Library partner, contact Kathleen Roina at kroina@dana.org.