Autism Information Center

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Autism Information Center offers recent fact sheets, answers to frequently asked questions, overviews of the diagnosis, possible causes, and treatments, and much more.

The Autism Society of America

The Autism Society of America provides extensive helpful and supportive information about the diagnosis of autism and educating children with the disorder; descriptions of additional information available in print or by fax-on-demand; a glossary of terms and abbreviations; and referrals to local ASA chapters.

Autism Speaks

The “Be Informed” section of the Autism Speaks Web site gives background on autism spectrum disorders, including information on coping with autism, interviews with experts, and resource guides.

Exploring Autism

Funded by the National Alliance for Autism Research, Exploring Autism was created to be a genetics education tool for family members of autism patients. The site provides an overview of genetics, the history of autism, and autism and environmental factors, as well as FAQs, related links, personal accounts, and news.

First Signs

First Signs offers information on child development with particular emphasis on early screening and detection of developmental and behavioral disorders, including those on the autism spectrum.

Organization for Autism Research

One of OAR's goals is to demystify scientific research, especially as it relates to autism. "A Parent's Guide to Research" (available as a PDF) defines autism and explains the steps of scientific research in lay language, and "A Guide to the Applied Research Community" discusses government and private institutions involved in autism research. The site also posts back issues of OAR's newsletter and announcements of autism-related events for families and scientists.