American Stroke Association

Find out about the warning signs, risks, and recovery efforts of stroke.

The National Stroke Association

The National Stroke Association focuses on stroke prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, research and support for stroke survivors and their families. Their site includes stroke facts and a risk factors quiz, a guide to lay and professional materials available from the Association, and a regional list of stroke centers and support groups.

The Stroke Center

The Stroke Center provides the latest information about stroke research and care gathered from published accounts, meeting presentations, internet searches, and direct correspondence. This easy-to-use site also provides a list of stroke facilities located throughout the United States and a national stroke trials directory.

Stroke: Hope Through Research

Stroke: Hope Through Research is a comprehensive booklet, available on-line from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. It provides scientific, but accessible material on stroke prevention, stroke warning signs and risk factors, and emergency treatment for stroke, as well as on research, treatment, and recovery.