Mark Ashley

Mark Ashley, Sc.D., received his master’s in speech pathology and a doctorate of science from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. In 1995, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale named him distinguished alumni of the year. He is an adjunct professor for the university’s department of communication disorders and sciences in the College of Education, specializing in brain injury and cognitive deficits. Dr. Ashley is a licensed speech/language pathologist in California and Texas and is a certified case manager. He is also the founder and president/CEO of the Centre for Neuro Skills® (CNS), which has operated post-acute brain injury rehabilitation programs at facilities in Bakersfield, Encino, and Emeryville, California, and in Irving, Texas, since 1980. In addition, Dr. Ashley founded the Centre for Neuro Skills Clinical Research and Education Foundation, a nonprofit research organization.

Dr. Ashley serves as emeritus chair of the board of directors of the Brain Injury Association of America and as chair of the board of directors of the California Brain Injury Association. His work has been published in numerous professional and research publications, and he has written two books—Working with Behavior Disorders: Strategies for Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation, now in its third edition.