University of Jamestown Physical Therapy Program Brain Awareness Week

Description: As community involvement is one of the cornerstones of our Physical Therapy Program, starting a Brain Awareness Week to teach kids about the brain, its capacity to learn, and some of the things we can do to test it as physical therapists was a perfect fit. Our goals with presentations are to teach some basic neuroscience of what the brain controls, how information is transmitted, how the brain can learn and adapt, some of the ways we test for function, and to just get the kids excited about neuroscience and all the brain can do! The presentations will start with class discussion of what the brain does and move into active demonstrations of some of the systems and how information in transmitted. Then we will split the class into 4 groups to go through stations where kids will learn and test how their brains control different systems. We will end with a fun and favorite activity to demonstrate how the brain can learn and adapt.
Event Dates: March 20, 2017 08 : 00 to March 31, 2017 12 : 00 PM
Event Ends: March 31, 2017 12 : 00 PM
Address :

North Dakota, United States
City: Fargo
US State: North Dakota,
Event Type: School Program
Audience: Elementary school students(1-5)
Registration Required?: No
Organizing Institution(s): University of Jamestown Physical Therapy Program
Sponsoring Institution(s):
Contact Name: Briee Mercier
Contact Phone: 5076760603
Contact Fax: 5076760603
Contact E-mail:

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