Cerebrum 2015: Emerging Ideas in Brain Science

Edited by Bill Glovin
Foreword by Alan I. Leshner, Ph.D.

Paperback • $12.95 • 180 pages
ISBN: 978-1932594591
Published March 2016


    The Cerebrum anthology 2015 offers new and provocative ideas in neuroscience and book reviews from a cross-section of prominent neuroscientists, including John P.A. Ioannidis, George F. Koob, Patrick Sullivan, Charles B. Nemeroff, and Paul Zak.  Drawn from the highly regarded Web edition, article topics include the neuroscience of narrative, the latest on tau, binging and the brain, new hope for schizophrenia, and the aging brain.

    Foreword by Alan I. Leshner, Ph.D.

    • Chapter 1: Appraising the Risks of Reefer Madness

    By Sir Robin Murray, Ph.D.

    • Chapter 2: Why Inspiring Stories Make Us React: The Neuroscience of Narrative

    By Paul J. Zak, Ph.D.

    • Chapter 3: Vernon Remembered

    By Mahlon R. DeLong, M.D. and Guy McKhann, M.D.

    • Chapter 4: The Darkness Within: Individual Differences in Stress

    By George F. Koob, Ph.D.

    • Chapter 5: Tau-er of Power

    By Kenneth S. Kosik, M.D.

    • Chapter 6: New Movement in Neuroscience: A Purpose-Driven Life

    By Adam Kaplin, M.D., Ph.D., and Laura Anzaldi

    • Chapter 7: Schizophrenia: Hope on the Horizon

    By Patrick F. Sullivan, M.D., FRANZCP

    Chapter 8: The Holy Grail of Psychiatry

    By Charles B. Nemeroff, M.D., Ph.D.

    • Chapter 9: No End in Sight: The Abuse of Prescription Narcotics

    By Theodore J. Cicero, Ph.D.

    • Chapter 10: The Binge and the Brain

    By Alice V. Ely, Ph.D., and Anne Cusack, Psy.D.

    • Chapter 11: Failure to Replicate: Sound the Alarm

    By John P.A. Ioannidis, M.D., D.Sc.

    • Chapter 12: Cognitive Skills and the Aging Brain: What to Expect

    By Diane B. Howieson, Ph.D.

    Book Reviews

    • Chapter 13: Neal Barnard’s Power Foods for the Brain

    Review by David O. Kennedy, Ph.D.

    • Chapter 14: Leon N. Cooper’s Science and Human Experience: Values, Culture, and the Mind

    Review by Gary S. Lynch, Ph.D.

    • Chapter 15: Michael S. Gazzaniga’s Tales from Both Sides of the Brain

    Review by Theodor Landis, M.D.

    • Chapter 16: Frances E. Jensen’s The Teenage Brain

    Review by Marisa M. Silveri, Ph.D.


    "Each article of about 10 pages focuses on ideas, more than just a recitation of facts. It is written at a level understandable by an undergraduate or any other nonprofessional, but it includes ample citations to published research. Thus, it is at a level intermediate between a typical journal article and a popular magazine." 

    "So the book has few answers, but the state of the nation in these fields is set out there, as it will be in future additions, and always a good read to come up to date with current experts and where they are going with all of this."
        –Metapsychology Online Reviews 


    “The Cerebrum anthology from Dana Press brings complex topics in neuroscience forward in understandable and human language. It’s a terrific resource for anyone who cares for someone with a brain disorder or simply wants to better understand the complexities of the human brain.”  
        –Husseini K. Manji, M.D., global head, neuroscience, Janssen Research & Development 

    “This Cerebrum anthology is superb. The subjects are timely, the authors are experts in each field and they have combined up-to-date science with medical and, in some cases, societal issues that are urgent to us all. As brain sciences advance on many fronts, Cerebrum communicates, in plain language, with other scientists and with the informed public.” 
        –Gerry Fischbach, M.D. chief scientist and fellow of the Simons Foundation 

    “One of the grand challenges of this next century is to understand the mind—across the lifespan and in health and disease. The articles in Cerebrum provide a window into the intricacies of brain function and behavior that are accessible to both scientific and lay audiences, making it a particularly useful scholarly resource.” 
        –Carol A. Barnes, Ph.D.   Evelyn F. McKnight Chair for Learning and Memory in Aging; director, Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute, University of Arizona 

    “A marvelous collection of short essays on the brain—authoritative yet accessible to a general readership.  Curl up with one or more of these pieces in a quiet moment and be amply rewarded (via your responsible cerebral centers!) with insights into a wide range of selected topics,  spanning normal brain function, therapeutic prospects for brain diseases, and even flaws in the current research enterprise.”
        –Dennis W. Choi, M.D., Ph.D., professor and chair of Neurology, SUNY Stony Brook