CityDance Ensemble - 2008

Funded in March, 2008: $30000 for 1 years
The Dana Foundation granted funding for further expansion of The CityDance Institute for Dance Education which provides training to dance education professionals teaching the CityDance Early Arts program.  Early Arts is an outreach education program that serves more than 25,000 children in the metro DC area each year. The Institute instructs dance teachers in classroom management, dance education pedagogy, offers advanced-level skills for managing specific behavioral and classroom environment issues, teaches how to work with school administrators, how to develop effective lesson plans and educates them on the impact of the arts on academic achievement. In addition, the program trains the teachers on the specific policies and guidelines for CityDance Early Arts Instructors as well as the individual curriculums developed for each Early Arts after-school program.  The proposed expanded program includes on-site assessments and training and genre-specific and topic-specific workshops for a total of 64 hours of training over the course of a year.