The Long-Term Effects of Adolescent Alcohol Exposure

November 23, 2015

Researchers find clues to why teens binge and which brain areas may be most susceptible to danger during this sensitive period.

It Starts at the Synapse

November 19, 2015

New research suggests that neurodegenerative disease, like neurodevelopmental disorders, may actually start with the synapse, the small gap between two neurons in which neurochemical messages are passed.

Frontiers of Psychiatry: Prevention, Personalized Treatment

November 11, 2015

The need to rethink mental illness in neuroscience terms was the dominant note of the 27th annual New York Mental Health Research Symposium of the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.


The Struggle for Consciousness

November 9, 2015

Connection to community and family should be a patient’s right, whether that person is fully conscious or minimally conscious, argued researcher Joseph Fins at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting.

Early Birth, Altered Brain Connections

October 28, 2015

Researchers find signs that the motor and psychiatric troubles sometimes seen in babies born prematurely may be present before birth. 

Study Points to Key Step in Initiation of Tau Protein Diseases

October 19, 2015

Blocking tau acetylation—potentially with an off-the-shelf-drug—could be a new strategy against Alzheimer’s and other “tauopathies.”

Heroin Addiction Linked to Long-Term Brain Changes

October 13, 2015

“The most surprising result of this study is that abnormal functional organization in heroin addicts persists even after years of abstinence,” says a researcher.

Have Researchers Discovered the Key to ALS?

September 23, 2015

Lost function of ALS-linked protein TDP-43 seen as potentially major contributor to disease. 

The Evolving State of Electroconvulsive Therapy

September 16, 2015

As doctors continue to tweak using electricity as therapy, a new meta-analysis suggests quicker application may be nearly as effective and has much less risk of side effects.

Researchers Find Evidence of Human-to-Human Spread of Alzheimer’s Protein Aggregates

September 9, 2015

Cadaver-derived human growth hormone treatments, used during 1959-85, may have been contaminated with “infectious” amyloid beta aggregates. 

Study of Alpha Synuclein ‘Strains’ Deepens Understanding of Parkinson’s and Related Diseases

September 2, 2015

Findings also hint that “synucleinopathies” may in rare cases be contagious. 

Unraveling the Mysteries of Inherited Anxiety

August 25, 2015

Could an overactive circuit in the brain be inherited? Researchers find positive evidence in monkeys.

Clue to Brain Regeneration Discovered in Lab Mice

August 11, 2015

Finding hints at future treatment strategy for traumatic brain injury, stroke, Alzheimer’

Axons Help New Neurons Travel During Development

August 3, 2015

Neurons' branches form corridors that newer neurons can travel through.

Taking a Global Approach to Toxicology

July 28, 2015

“There is this focus in science on studying one factor at a time, but diseases and disorders—particularly the most intractable ones—don’t arise this way,” says one researcher.

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