Brain on the Web

by Dan Gordon

July 1, 2007

Our first two items this month focus on stroke. The third is a good resource for brain education in general. These sites were active as of July 3, 2007.

A hospital stroke center and the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have teamed up to present the Internet Stroke Center at This well-organized site includes lots of information on stroke types, symptoms, treatments and clinical trials, as well as a library of brain images.

More helpful resources related to stroke are available on the Web sites of two organizations that focus on the subject: the American Stroke Association, at, and the National Stroke Association, at Each has material on risk factors, prevention, recovery and more.

Brain-related lectures are among those available at the new iTunes U, a growing collection of free and downloadable
courses and lectures from universities. The library is available at You can click to pages geared toward administrators, faculty and students. (The iTunes program is available for download at