Brain on the Web - October 07

October 1, 2007

This month’s Web picks offer resources on two disorders featured in articles from this issue: schizophrenia and traumatic brain injury. These sites were active as of October 4, 2007.

Methods for treating schizophrenia, such as those detailed in the ScienceNOW article on page 5, can be researched further at, a site managed by volunteers worldwide. In addition to daily news and information on treatment options, the site sports a schizophrenia blog roll.

Several stories in this issue focus on brain injuries. The National Database of Educational Resources on Traumatic Brain Injury, located at, contains information on more than 350 videos, audiotapes and written resources.

The new “60-Second Psych” podcast on Scientific American’s Web site collects the latest research in brain and behavior. The free episodes appear semimonthly at, along with other science-related podcasts.


-Ben Mauk