Cerebrum 2013: Emerging Ideas in Brain Science

March 17, 2014

Ann Whitman
(212) 223-4040

“Much wisdom shines through this extraordinary collection of superbly constructed essays, addressing the conundrum of how an immaterial mind emerges from a material brain.”
            -Jerome Kagan, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Harvard University  

 Cerebrum 2013
Emerging Ideas in Brain Science

Publication date: March 17, 2014                                                    Cloth • 172 pages

978-1-932594-61-4                                                                             $12.95  

In Cerebrum 2013: Emerging Ideas in Brain Science, some of the world’s leading thinkers discuss the newest ideas and implications arising from discoveries about the brain.

In his foreword, neuroscientist Bruce McEwen, Ph.D., discusses the dramatic progress made in neuroendrocrinologyhis area of expertiseover the course of his career. We see this continuing scientific evolution through the essays in Cerebrum 2013. Experts such as Chris Nowinski, Philip Shaw, Ph.D., and Steven E. Hyman, M.D., delve into topics including the lasting damage repetitive head trauma may cause athletes, progress in the treatment of ADHD, and the serious decline in psychiatric drug development despite the increasing prevalence of mental disorders. Drawn from Cerebrum, the Dana Foundation’s highly regarded online journal, this fifth anthology brings together a cross-section of prominent neuroscientists to offer commentary on the impact of today’s research on tomorrow’s social debate.

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