Cerebrum 2015: Emerging Ideas in Brain Science

April 5, 2016

Ann Whitman
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“Once again, the Cerebrum anthology provides a very interesting and provocative collection of articles illustrating the diversity of modern neuroscience research and its broad implications for the human condition. The papers are clear and written at a level where all kinds of readers will find them understandable and very useful.”
     -Alan Leshner, Ph.D., chief executive officer, emeritus, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Cerebrum 2015
Emerging Ideas in Brain Science

Publication date: April 5, 2016                                 Cloth • 180 pages  
978-1-932594-59-1                                                      $12.95                                                                                                            

Cerebrum 2015: Emerging Ideas in Brain Science offers timely ideas in neuroscience and book reviews from a cross-section of prominent neuroscientists. Among the essays in this book, Mahlon R. DeLong and Guy McKhann remember prominent neuroscientist Vernon B. Mountcastle; John P.A. Ioannidis examines the most comprehensive investigation ever done about the rate and predictors of reproducibility in social and cognitive sciences; and Patrick F. Sullivan writes about hope for the estimated 2.4 million Americans and 1 in 100 people worldwide affected by schizophrenia. Among the four book reviews by neuroscientists is David O. Kennedy relating his own research experience in discussing Neal Barnard’s best-selling book, Power Foods for the Brain.

Drawn from Cerebrum, the Dana Foundation’s highly regarded online journal, this seventh anthology will provide readers with a greater understanding of the human condition and how advances in medicine and science help us lead longer, healthier lives.

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