Cerebrum 2017: Emerging Ideas in Brain Science

April 11, 2018

Ann Whitman
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“If you had to choose just one book ever year to keep you informed about recent advances in brain science, you couldn’t make a better choice than Cerebrum. This annual compendium is penned by some of the most accomplished neuroscientists in the world, writing with clarity, authority, and vast experience.”

Richard Restak, M.D., Clinical Professor of Neurology at George Washington Hospital University School of Medicine and Health Services and author of 24 books on the brain


Cerebrum 2017
Emerging Ideas in Brain Science 

Publication date: March 2018Paperback • 212 pages
978-1-932594-63-8      $12.95

Cerebrum 2017: Emerging Ideas in Brain Science offers timely ideas in neuroscience and book reviews from a cross-section of prominent neuroscientists. Among the essays in this book: David Amaral examines the prenatal factors that may contribute to autism; Dharma Singh Khalsa and George Perry write about lifestyle changes that can help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease; and Jamie Adams, Christopher Tarolli, and E. Ray Dorsey discuss the growing use of telehealth in psychiatric and neurological care.

Ed Bullmore, director of the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre in the University of Cambridge, provides additional insight in his foreword on the growing movement in neuroscience to look beyond the nervous system to links between the brain and body, and the brain and the outside world. He draws this thread through several of the anthology’s topics, which will surely enhance the reader experience.

The provocative cover is the work of J.F. Potevin, a California-based artist whose work has appeared on the covers of Scientific American and Discover magazines.

Drawn from Cerebrum, the Dana Foundation’s highly regarded online journal, this eighth anthology will provide readers a greater understanding of the human condition and how advances in medicine and science help us lead longer, healthier lives.

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