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Microinfarcts are too small to be detected in living humans. Dana Foundation grantee Andy Shih is working on new types of imaging that might someday be sharp enough to detect these tiny blood-vessel clogs. Learn more about his work in our new Q&A, "Seeking an Image of the Smallest Strokes."
•  Dana Foundation grantee Xin Jin found a new role for the dopamine pathway D2—not just a brake but a switch. Learn more about his work in our interview, "Seeking the Triggers for Parkinson's."
"Community Neuroscience" is a new video series of five short interviews on various aspects of communicating brain science through events, teaching, and writing.
Dana Foundation grantee Michelle Bradbury uses nanotechnology to test possible treatments for cancer that target the disease and avoid healthy tissues. Learn more about her work in our interview, "Going Small to Attack Cancers."
CRISPR, an innovative new gene editing system, offers great promise to the field of neuroscience—both as a research tool and, potentially, a treatment. Learn more in our new briefing paper, "CRISPR and the Brain."