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The Dana Foundation's Communications department provides a free resource for journalists developing stories on topics related to the brain. To inquire about a brain expert, please email with your question and your media affiliation, and we will respond as quickly as possible. We work with a network of more than 350 North American experts in the major fields of neuroscience, all of whom are Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives members committed to public outreach. 

 Featured News and Articles

Our award-winning PSA video on Successful Aging & Your Brain is now available in Spanish! Watch the new translation or our original English version.
•  Sameer Sheth's discovery of conflict-sensitive cells in the cortex helps shed light on the neural circuitry of cognitive control. One of our series of Grantee Q&As.
"Exercise and the Brain," a video produced by the University of Washington in partnership with the Dana Foundation was awarded a Northwest Emmy award in early June. Geared toward kids, but with good tips for everyone, this video is part of an ongoing series, "Brainworks," hosted by Dr. Eric Chudler.
In our briefing paper, "When Is the Brain 'Mature'?", we explore how new scientific findings regarding the brain, adolescence, and neurodevelopment are informing law and policy across the country.
The 2016 Cerebrum Anthology is now available for purchase! The book features a foreword by Guy McKhann, MD, founding director of the Krieger Mind-Brain Institute at Johns Hopkins University, and addresses topics such as the global mental health crisis, neurotoxins in drinking water, the state of neurofunding, and a new approach to epilepsy.