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The Dana Foundation's Communications department provides a free resource for journalists developing stories on topics related to the brain. To inquire about a brain expert, please email with your question and your media affiliation, and we will respond as quickly as possible. We work with a network of more than 350 North American experts in the major fields of neuroscience, all of whom are Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives members committed to public outreach. 

 Featured News and Articles

Dana Foundation grantee Huntington Potter has found a promising potential treatment for Alzheimer’s by looking at the disease mechanisms of rheumatoid arthritis. Read about his work in our new Q&A, "Reversing the Alzheimer's Catastrophe."
•  The interrelationships between grief and depression are multifaceted–they share common features and can co-occur. How do we differentiate between these similar but different mental states? Hear from the experts in our briefing paper, "Grief vs. Depression."
"Successful Aging & Your Brain On Demand," is a new, free video from the Dana Foundation that explores simple steps proven to help people stay mentally sharp with age. This hour-long feature includes commentary from top experts from Columbia University, New York University, and Weill Cornell Medical Center. Read our press release for details.
The 2018 Neuroscience Outreach Awards were announced at the 11th FENS Forum in Berlin. Read about the winners and their work in our press release.