Vassilis Koliatsos

Vassilis Koliatsos, M.D., is a professor of neuropathology and neurology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he directs a laboratory dedicated to the study of neural injury and repair. A graduate from the University of Athens School of Medicine, Dr. Koliatsos completed additional clinical training in internal medicine and neurology. Funded by a NATO fellowship, he studied mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases in the department of neurology at Johns Hopkins with Drs. Mahlon DeLong and Donald Price. He then established his own laboratory within the division of neuropathology and Hopkins’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. Dr. Koliatsos’ main interest is how the nervous system deals with traumatic and degenerative insults and what it does to repair itself, or, in the case of failure and clinical disease, what can be done to repair circuits with regenerative methodologies.