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Thank you for joining in the Dana mission to educate the public about the success and potential of brain research.  Neuroscience, or brain research, is the study of the brain and nervous system.  The human brain has been called “the most sophisticated machine imaginable or unimaginable.” 

Planning a troop meeting about neuroscience is as easy as:

Downloading some activities (including puzzles, games, facts sheets, and lesson plans) from the links below to distribute to your scouts.  You can also contact us for copies of our publications. (See the column to the right.)

Choosing an activity for your meeting day.  It can be as simple as downloading and distributing the Mindboggling Booklets and puzzle packets available for download on this page or as elaborate as inviting a neuroscientist to come and speak to your group about what it means to lead a brain healthy lifestyle. 

Want to try something hands-on?  Check out the Neuroscience for Kids website for easy to assemble experiments that your scouts will really enjoy.  Another activity they may enjoy is making brain hats. Learn how to make brain hemisphere hats here! Also, check out to learn more about the brain.


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We’d love to hear about your brain health troop meeting/activity and to share your ideas and photos on our website and social media.  Please send them by email to Laura Reynolds at You can also share your photos on social media with the hashtag #DanaFoundation. 

By sending us your photos you are giving us permission to reproduce all materials in relevant publications, websites, and social media for promotional purposes.  The Dana Alliance and The Dana Foundation reserve the right to edit the materials for the purposes of consistency and style. We may feature your troop on our website and in our social media outreach!

Having a healthy brain is important at every age.  To lead a brain healthy life you need to look after your mind, your body and your heart – the earlier the better.  Research shows that people can reduce their risk for dementia later in life and other chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer by adopting healthy lifestyles.

Your brain is your most precious asset and you should care for it properly by making sure it is well nourished with the right food and beverage choices and by practicing good sleep habits.  You should also keep your mind and body fit by challenging yourself mentally and physically every day. 

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A collection of downloadable (PDF) puzzles and coloring sheets.  


   Lesson Plans, Grades K-5
   A new series of lesson plans for teachers/instructors and their students, covering different topics about the brain.

   Puzzles for Kids, Grades K-12
   A new series of fun and challenging puzzles that teach kids about the brain. Organized by grade and age level.                         
 How does the brain work grades 3-5 

   Q&A Answering Your Questions About the Brain Fact Sheets, Grades K-12
   A series of fact sheets for kids based on the content from our  Q&A: Answering Your Questions about the Brain  booklet. 
Staying Sharp puzzle packet cover th

   Successful Aging & Your Brain puzzle series
   "Stay sharp" with these word searches, jumbles, cryptograms, and other puzzles for high school age students and adults. Includes    answers

   Q&A Answering Your Questions About Brain Research Fact Sheets
   A series of fact sheets for adults based on the content from our  Q&A: Answering Your Questions about the Brain booklet.
   Brain Briefs Fact Sheets
   A new series of fact sheets for adults covering various topics in neuroscience.              



   Brain Terms Glossary
   Find definitions for common brain terms in our newly expanded glossary.    


BAW Favorites puzzle series 
Ten classic BAW puzzles for all ages. Includes answers.

It Mindboggling puzzle packet cover th 

It’s Mindboggling! puzzle series

Word searches and word scrambles based on  “It’s Mindboggling!” and “More Mindbogglers!,” for middle- and high-school students. Includes answers.  
Mindboggling workbook puzzle packet cover th 

The Mindboggling Workbook puzzle series

Two word search puzzles based on “The Mindboggling Workbook,” for grades K-3. Includes answers.   
Coloring sheet: Keep your brain safe and sound
Keep Your Brain Safe and Sound
Helmet safety. Based on the "Mindboggling" booklets.
Coloring sheet: Move your body
Move Your Body--It's Good for Your Brain!
The importance of exercise and play. Based on the "Mindboggling" booklets.

Coloring sheet: Rainbow Diet
The Rainbow Diet
A brain-healthy diet includes lots of colors! Based on the "Mindboggling" booklets.

Coloring sheet: Our Five Senses
Our Five Senses
Match the illustrations to the right word. Based on the "Mindboggling" booklets.



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Our goal is to provide the resources for troop leaders to plan a fun-filled, educational activity for their scouts. For that reason, we’d love to hear from you about your meeting. Let us know how we can improve!

Still planning your Brain Health scout meeting? Contact us with your questions or requests. We can help!

Contact: Laura Reynolds at or (212) 401-1683 ext 683