Noteworthy Book Reviews - The Ethical Brain

"A book that''s part science and part philosophy, making a convincing plea for an ethical code informed by scientific understanding."

Psychology Today

"The Ethical Brain delivers its message with . . . wit, and there is much to learn from its discourses on such topics as increased longevity and how aging works in the brain, the prospects for enhancing natural intelligence through genetics or drugs, and the reliability of lie detectors and other ''mind-reading'' devices."—Lynn Yarris, Mercury News " If it is the case . . . that all of our thoughts, feelings, and actions are reducible to the level of brain physiology and biochemistry, what becomes of ethics? This is the central question that Michael Gazzaniga addresses in this readable, well-informed, and provocative book."

—Stephan L. Chorover, The Lancet

"Interesting and enjoyable . . . the strength of the book is the author''s perspective as a neuroscientist, which will introduce the reader to complex aspects of neuroscience in relation to behavior in society. . . . The problems highlighted and illuminated by this highly readable book are worth considering."

Richard Camicioli, MD, Journal of the American Medical Association (Richard Camicioli Journal of the American Medical Association )

"A lively and generally accessible book. . . . The strengths of the book are the gems about neuroscience research and research in general, that often go unstated and unrecognized in tehe rush to apply scientific findings to numerous social problems. . . . Especially valuable are points Gazzaniga raises that are well developed and on target in considering the implications of neuroscience for the criminal justice system. . . . Exciting."

New England Journal of Medicine (Stephanie J. Bird New England Journal of Medicine )