The End of Stress as We Know It

Bruce McEwen
with Elizabeth Norton Lasley

Cloth • $27.95 • 285 pages 
ISBN: 978-0309076401
Published October 2002

Paperback • $19.95 • 239 pages
ISBN: 978-1932594553
Published October 2002

Also available as an e-book.

The End of Stress as We Know It provides readers with the "gold standard" in understanding how their bodies work under stress and why they have the power to avoid its debilitating effects. Bruce McEwen, Ph.D., one of the world's authorities on the subject of stress, here provides unshakable evidence of how mind and body work together either for good or for ill when we are challenged by life's events.

Describing the subtle damage that comes from failing to turn off the body's danger alert system, Dr. McEwen shows how chemicals activated during stressful situations can protect the body under acute conditions, and how, when chronically activated, they can cause long-lasting harm. He counsels that many stress management programs can help us, if we understand the powerful mind-body forces activated by stress.

The premise of this book is that knowledge is power. By learning how the body reacts to large and small challenges in our lives, by understanding how we put ourselves in situations that cause upheaval in our minds and bodies, we can make the best choices--backed up by the latest scientific knowledge.

Foreword by Robert Sapolsky                                                                                          

Chapter 1: A New Way to Look at Stress                                                                 

Chapter 2: The Stress Response—or How We Cope                                            

Chapter 3: Stress and the Emotional Connection                                                    

Chapter 4: Allostatic Load: When Protection Gives Way to Damage                   

Chapter 5: Stress and the Cardiovascular System                                                  

Chapter 6: Stress and the Immune System                                                              

Chapter 7: Stress and the Brain                                                                                 

Chapter 8: How Not To Be Stressed Out                                                                  

Chapter 9: Positive Health                                                                                          

Chapter 10: Where We Could Go from Here                                                           

Appendix: Chemical Messengers of Allostatis, Their Receptors, and Their Protective and Damaging Effects               




“McEwen's book is skillfully written and will appeal to a wide readership."
    –Library Journal

“The Editors Recommend."
    –Scientific American

“...a fascinating read...the wealth of facts have been brilliantly summarized in an often entertaining manner..."

“…brain researcher McEwen, who heads a neuroendocrinology lab at New York's Rockefeller University, presents a science text for laypeople who want to understand how brain biochemistry is altered during times of stress.”
    –Publisher’s Weekly


"Famed stress researcher Bruce McEwen draws on a vast amount of research (much of it his own) to explain in everyday language everything you need to know in order to make your life less stressful. Most encouraging are his suggestions for transforming unavoidable stresses into challenges, and his finding that a healthy attitude can confer a high degree of protection and resilience, despite one's circumstances."
    –Richard Restak, M.D., author of Secret Life of the Brain and Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot

"You think you know what stress is, but not like you will after you've read The End of Stress As We Know It. Bruce McEwen, arguably the world's most renowned expert on the biology of stress, tells you everything you need to know, including ways of dealing with stress. It's very informative, and a great read."
     Joseph LeDoux, Henry and Lucy Moses Professor of Science, NYU, and author of Synaptic Self and The Emotional Brain