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February, 2017

Next Generation House Call

Before telehealth can fulfill its potential to improve treatment and lower the cost of psychiatric and neurological care, an unwieldy health care system will need to adapt. Read More...

January, 2017

Examining the Causes of Autism

(Listen to Q&A with David G. Amaral, Ph.D.)
Autism is a broad, complex, and increasingly important brain disorder. Making it especially difficult to discuss in finite, conclusive terms is the fact that there is no biological test for autism; diagnosis is based on behavior, and the only verified treatment is intensive behavior therapy. Our author examines the prenatal factors that contribute to the disorder. Read More...

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Cerebrum Anthology 2015 thumbnailThe inspiring ideas and extraordinary challenges facing some of the great minds in brain science make up this seventh annual volume. Expert perspectives into the causes and aging and cognitive decline, the abuse of prescription narcotics, and how inspiring narrative affects the brain alongside timely articles and book reviews about the tau protein; the risks of marijuana use; and progress concerning schizophrenia.
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