Clinical Neuroscience Research Grants: How to Apply 

Clinical Neuroscience Grants are open to U.S.-only applicants, from 501c3 organizations. However collaborators may come from outside the U.S., from federal research agencies, and industry.   Preliminary proposals are accepted on a rolling basis.

Funded studies can receive up to $300,000 payable over three years.

How to submit:

Preliminary proposals:

Please send a letter of inquiry and a two-page, single-spaced preliminary proposal, answering the following questions:

What question are you asking?

Why are you uniquely positioned to pursue it?

How will your research be conducted?

What is the clinical significance of your research?

Please also provide 1) a lay summary, 2) an NIH-style CV, 3) the requested funding, not to exceed a maximum of $300,000.  Do not provide a budget at this time.  Please email your application to: Mary Lucas, Grants Director, at

We will let you know when the preliminary proposal review is complete.  If you are invited to submit a full proposal, please follow the instructions below.

Full Proposals:

If the Foundation is interested in seeing a full proposal, we will request a full proposal.  If you have received reviewer feedback, please respond to the feedback on the first page of your full proposal, indicating that this is a response to feedback, and then attach your full proposal.

You will also need to include a budget.  Sample categories within a budget might include salary, fringe, supplies, animal or clinical testing costs, equipment (10% of the total grant can be designated toward equipment), etc.  (“Other” as a category is discouraged.)  Your budget will become the outline for future financial reports should you receive a grant.

Please email your application to: Mary Lucas, Grants Director, at

For further information about eligibility, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.