David Mahoney Neuroimaging Grants: How to Apply

All U.S. Medical Schools receive annual invitations to submit an application. The RFPs are sent to the deans of each school for distribution to relevant departments in the school. Select research institutions are also invited by a letter from the Foundation to the institution’s president. If you are unsure as to whether your institution has been invited, please have your sponsored research officer contact: 

Mary Lucas
(212) 223-4040 ext. 669

All proposals received for the Neuroimaging program must be submitted with the endorsement of the dean of a U.S. medical school, or the president of a research institution that receives a letter of invitation from the Foundation. This endorsement ensures that no more than one application is submitted per institution. You must go through your institution’s selection process.  If your institution is not a U.S. medical school or a specifically invited research institution, you are not eligible to apply.

For further information about eligibility, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.