March, 2010

Arts Ed Resources All Over the Web

November, 2009

Remembering Bill Safire and the Fine Art of Pot-stirring

November, 2009

Arts Ed on the Web

August, 2009

Arts Ed on the Web

August, 2009

Teaching Artists Are Getting Web-connected

May, 2009

Arts Educators Should Be Asking One Key Question

May, 2009

Brain Scientists Identify Close Links between Arts, Learning

Arts education influences learning and other areas of cognition and may deserve a more prominent place in schools, according to a wave of recent neuroscience research.

February, 2009

Arts Educators Show Resilience Against Economic Challenges

December, 2008

Arts Ed on the Web

December, 2008

Arts Chairman Leaves a Proud Legacy in His Wake

October, 2008

Arts Advocates Are Left Behind Online

July, 2008

As Teaching Artists Energize, Opportunities Abound

July, 2008

Auditioning Round the Campfire

In the increases competitive world of performing arts, young artists are turning to accredited musical theater camps, such as Stagedoor Manor, for a boost. Camps offer top professionals as teachers and first-rate facilities to those lucky enough to b

May, 2008

Signs of Progress Are Evident Despite Budget Cuts

March, 2008

Scientists Harmonize on the Theme of Arts Advocacy

January, 2008

Educators Should Embrace Standards for Assessing the Arts

November, 2007

A Child's First Method of Learning Is Still the Best

October, 2007

Practical Training Prepares Our Future Creative Workforce

July, 2007

Revitalizing Arts Education Provokes Distress Signals from the Classroom

Good news can pose a fresh challenge, as a current example in arts education demonstrates.

May, 2007

Digital Natives Risk Missing Out on Human Connections

With the seduction all of that technology offers—mind-boggling worldwide access, immediate virtual connectivity to friends, games, music, movies—what can invite and inspire today’s youth to live in the real world?

March, 2007

For the Arts, a 'Lost Generation'

Arts education has been declining in schools for almost 30 years, and we arts advocates are looking for allies in a generation that often lacks a basic relationship to the classic arts.

January, 2007

Youth in Danger: Art Appeals to Life

Although the goals of both health and arts groups are very much aligned in improving the quality of life for young people, little has been done to coordinate these organizations and their endeavors.