Editor Selections in Immunology

First Successful Test for an AIDS Vaccine

by Aalok Mehta

An experimental vaccine protected a modest percentage of people from HIV infection, the first-ever successful results from a vaccine against the virus that causes AIDS.

Color head shot of Ralph Steinman

Immune System Acts as Bellwether for Diseases

by Ralph Steinman, M.D.,

Two exciting strands of research promote the use of the immune system in medical prognosis.

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Immune Attack

The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) is offering a free download of Immune Attack, a video game that introduces basic concepts of human immunology.  Immune Attack is an adventure in a molecular world. A person with a malfunctioning immune system needs the player to pilot a nanobot to find the proteins, chemical signals and cells required to fight a bacterial infectionStudents, teachers, and parents may also want to visit the Dana Foundation’s  BrainyKids Online and  Immunology Source Book.FAS is a 64 year old science policy organization that counts 70 Nobel laureates on its Board of Sponsors. For more information visit www.fas.org.

Immunologist Homes in on Cancer

by Ben Mauk

James P. Allison has spent much of his career making a case for moving immunologists into the mainstream of cancer therapy. Now drugs that spur the immune system to build defenses against cancers are in promising human trials.

The New York Academy of Sciences

A Web of Challenges

A New York Academy of Sciences e-brifing on human immunology and patient-based research.



by Norbert Gaulde

Immunologist Norbert Gualde explores the history of epidemics, the emergence of new diseases and the return of old ones thought conquered.