Current Grantees

Riluzone in patients with cognitive disorders

by Bruce McEwen, Ph.D; Ana C. Pereira, M.D.

Goal: Investigators will conduct an initial clinical study of the drug Riluzole in a small number of adults with mild cognitive impairment to see whether it decreases metabolic changes in the brain that may be associated with progression to Alzheimer...
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Translational research on speech and language may lead to improved post-stroke aphasia therapy

by Sheila Blumstein, Ph.D.

This pilot study will explore the potential efficacy of a targeted speech therapy program in improving speech sounds and ultimately communication by patients who developed aphasia as a result of a stroke.   Stroke-induced injuries to the brain can r...
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Identifying Optimal Targets and Stimulation Protocols for the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders

by Emad Eskandar, M.D.

This neurosurgical research team will explore, at the neuronal level, how two brain networks normally drive the balance between safe and risky decision-making behaviors, and use the findings to design deep brain stimulation (DBS) strategies for modif...
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Real-Time Physiological Visualization of the Comatose Human Brain

by Stephan Mayer, M.D.

Investigators will create the capacity to graphically display real-time brain physiologic changes in comatose patients to guide urgent clinical interventions to prevent further damage.  Continuous multimodal monitoring systems that measure and recor...
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Double Blind Trial of the Safety and Efficacy of GM-CSF Leukine in the Treatment of Alzheiemer's Disease

by Huntington Potter, Ph.D.

Investigators will undertake the second phase of their clinical study to determine in a small number of people with Alzheimer’s disease whether the drug Leukine shows promise in improving patients’ cognitive abilities and arrests brain atrophy. Abou...
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Assessing stroke risk in patients undergoing non-surgical aortic valve replacement

by Guy McKhann, M.D.

    This study will continue an assessment of whether the increased risk of stroke in older patients who undergo a catheter-based rather than surgical replacement of their aortic valve is associated with the technique or with their underlying vas...
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