Brain Basics


From Angels to Neurons
Dream researcher Allan Hobson looks at the surprising parallels between explorations of dreams by scientists and artists over two millennia.
The Great Brain Books
Here is a selection of the great brain books for lay readers. The recommendations of three dozen leading neuroscientists cover everything from emotions and cognition to diseases and disorders.
At Last, Help for Afflicted Brains in Afflicted Bodies
Psychiatrists fleeing the worst constraints of managed care are specializing in cases that combine mental disorders and physical illness. 
Murderous Minds: Can We See the Mark of Cain?
If you could look into the brain of a murderer, would you be able to see an abnormality?
Looking to the Brain to Save the Heart
Cardiologists at Massachusetts General Hospital look at how depression and anxiety may interact with heart disease and ask how physicians and their patients should respond.
The Interpreter Within: The Glue of Conscious Experience
A generation of brilliant scientists is racing to understand consciousness. The answer, says one of America’s leading cognitive neuroscientists, may leave us less than satisfied—unless we realize that our sense of a unified self is just another of our brain’s survival systems.
Brains and Machines
Could a machine think? In the era of computing machines, that has become our way of posing centuries-old philosophical questions about the mind and body (including the brain).
Brain Death in an Age of Heroic Medicine
When the technology of heart transplantation and life-support machines overtook the traditionally accepted criterion of death—cessation of heartbeat—an alternative criterion emerged. Irreversible loss of brain function, or “brain death,” for all the debates and recent attacks it has provoked, has worked well as a de...
Animal Fear and Human Guilt
A pioneer of research on temperament looks at recent research on the neural bases of fear.
Scientific Research
How can we guarantee a healthy research enterprise in an era of budget cutbacks, competition among diseases, and public demands for quick results?
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