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FENS 2014 Neuroethics Press Conference

Press conference on the neuroethics of "Recording and Manipulating the Brain: How Far Can We Go? How Far Should We Go?" at the 9th FENS Forum of Neuroscience, Milan, Italy, July 7, 2014.

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Smells Delicious and Good to Eat: How Your Brain Distinguishes Tastes and Aromas

Why do we prefer certain tastes and aromas over others? How do taste and aroma interact with each other?

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Wake up, I’m Speaking: The Neuroscience of Sleep and Dreaming

Sleep, or the lack of it, is the focus of considerable research in the United States, where sleep disorders and sleep deprivation have been associated with poor cognitive performance, behavioral problems, accidents, ill health and other factors that adversely affect quality of life.

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The Arts and the Brain: What Does Your Brain See? What Does Your Brain Hear?

When you listen to music or look at a painting, your brain is busy.

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Neuroenhancement: Building an Improved Human Body and Mind

Human enhancement embraces the idea that science and technology can be used to restore or expand cognitive and physical human capacities.

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What Are They Thinking? Exploring the Adolescent Brain

Advances in brain research have enabled scientists to learn more about how the adolescent brain functions, from the everyday behavior of teenagers to how they cope with the challenges of disease, learning problems and social cues.

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Neuroscience and the Law

Advances in brain research have implications for the legal system, where they raise issues for the law, from matters relating to the admissibility of evidence to decisions about criminal culpability.

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The Aging Brain: What’s New in Brain Research, Treatment, and Policy

As researchers home in on biomarkers for the progress of dementia, how should treatment and policy change?

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