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Brain Resources for Seniors

Validated sites related to brain health and general information for older adults and caregivers, from external sources and from Dana publications.

Staying Sharp

The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives' Staying Sharp program includes live public forums, printed and printable resources, and videos.

Reports on Progress

Reviews by eminent neuroscientists of specific areas of research, including normal function, disease, and new technologies. 


BrainWeb provides information and links to validated sites about brain diseases and disorders from external sources and from Dana publications.


Recent Articles

Researchers Find Evidence of Human-to-Human Spread of Alzheimer’s Protein Aggregates

Cadaver-derived human growth hormone treatments, used during 1959-85, may have been contaminated with “infectious” amyloid beta aggregates. 

Have Researchers Discovered the Key to ALS?

Lost function of ALS-linked protein TDP-43 seen as potentially major contributor to disease. 

Lightning Strikes Twice

A Nobel Prize-winning neurologist/biochemist has transmitted a Parkinson's-like disease from the involved brain to a mouse model.

Clue to Brain Regeneration Discovered in Lab Mice

Finding hints at future treatment strategy for traumatic brain injury, stroke, Alzheimer’

New Study Casts Doubt on Brain ‘Rejuvenator’ Protein

Yet Harvard researchers insist brain-improving effects of GDF11 were real.

ALS: A Mystery Almost Solved?

Scientists seem to be zeroing in on the once-elusive mechanisms of ALS, and are starting to design and test therapies that target those mechanisms.