• Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. (Feature)

    The Four Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention

    While we wait for a drug that will slow or prevent Alzheimer’s disease (AD), more than five million Americans are living with AD or some other form of dementia. Dharma Singh Khalsa, president/medical director of the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation and co-author of our recent Cerebrum article, “The Four Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention,” explains in our podcast how practical lifestyle choices offer the best chance for aging AD-free.

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    Cerebrum Anthology 2016

    Cerebrum is back in book form by popular demand. The Anthology brings together more than a dozen articles and book reviews from the 2016 monthly Web edition, offering inquisitive readers the chance to read about new and provocative ideas in neuroscience from a cross-section of prominent neuroscientists. Available now at Amazon and Chicago Distribution Center.

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  • SAYBrainvideo-framegrabforslider

    Successful Aging and Your Brain

    It’s never too late to start living a brain-healthy life! Check out our new 90-second video of four steps to keep your brain working well as you grow older.

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  • DABEC17-330w

    Winners of the Design a Brain Experiment Competition

    Congratulations to top prize winner Medha Palnati (right) and co-runners-up Karen Phuong and Benjamin Myers! Read about these impressive high schoolers' proposals and scientific inspiration on our blog.

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Top Stories

Informing Education with Neuroscience

by Moheb Costandi

Teachers want to take advantage of what we’ve learned about the brain and learning, but don’t always know how to tell what is solid science. Researchers at BNA 2017 Festival of Neuroscience described studies in classrooms themselves that show promise.

Motivational Disorders in Brain Conditions

by Moheb Costandi

People with a variety of disorders, from neurological to psychiatric, share troubles with motivation, especially apathy and impulsivity. Scientists described how they are connecting the dots between symptoms and brain mechanisms during the BNA 2017 Festival of Neuroscience. 

How Dishonesty Can Snowball

by Neil Garrett, Ph.D.


Once people start lying, they are often more willing to lie for higher and higher stakes. Some of their willingness is due to external factors, but a new line of research is teasing out internal factors, as well.


Preventing PTSD: A New Use for Ketamine?

by Kayt Sukel

The drug has shown promise in treating depression and extinguishing fearful memories. Could it also prevent the descent from fearful memory to full-blown disorder?

When is the Brain “Mature”?

by Kayt Sukel

Though most people in the US consider 18 to be the age maturity is reached, developmental neuroscientists say there isn’t a one size fits all age, nor a one size fits all method to measure it. In our new briefing paper, we explore how new scientific findings regarding the brain, adolescence, and neurodevelopment are informing law and policy across the country.

An Open Letter to Congress

by Guy McKhann, M.D.


Now is not the time to cut funding for medical research. Our monthly column, by Guy McKhann, MD, in Brain in the News.




The Four Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention

April 6, 2017

by Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., and George Perry, Ph.D.

 Cerebrum - article

Until researchers are able find a drug that can slow or prevent Alzheimer’s disease, our authors reveal why changing or modifying one’s lifestyle and attitude is the next best thing.

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Neuroscience and Society: The Opioid Epidemic


AAAS and The Dana Foundation

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5/15/2017- 5/17/2017

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New York, NY

How the Ear’s Works Work: A Biological Hearing Aid Optimizes Your Hearing


The University of Chicago

Chicago, IL

Neuroplasticity, Neuroregeneration, and Brain Repair

6/13/2017- 6/14/2017

The New York Academy of Sciences

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Just nominated for a 2017 Northwest Emmy Award! Join University of Washington bioengineering professor and BrainWorks host, Eric Chudler, as he takes viewers on a journey inside the human brain. This episode discusses the benefits of exercise on the brain and learning.