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    Record Turnout for NYC Brain Bee

    Twelfth-grader Melissa Cao, from Long Island’s Bethpage High School, took home the grand prize after a close race with two other finalists at Saturday’s Regional Brain Bee at Columbia University in New York City. The local event is part of an annual international neuroscience competition. Winners advance into the national and then international competitions during the spring and summer months as part of Brain Awareness Week (BAW).

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  • The Changing Face of Recreational Drug Use - Michael H. Baumann, Ph.D. (cerebrum author image 010416 feat)

    Q&A with Michael Baumann

    In “The Changing Face of Recreational Drug Use,” this month’s Cerebrum article, author Michael H. Baumann, Ph.D., at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, describes the complexity of the NPS problem, what is known about the molecular mechanisms of action, and the pharmacological effects of NPS. We asked him to elaborate on the article. 

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    Helping Hand for Scientists Writing for the Rest of Us

     You've Got Some Explaining to Do offers advice to neuroscientists writing for non-scientists, including targeting your audience, organizing your thoughts, and avoiding jargon and negative wording. $2.99 in paperback; PDF version is free. Paperback available now at Amazon.

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Top Stories

Optogenetics Moves Towards the Clinic

by Jim Schnabel

Treating inherited retinal disease and deafness are likely near-term applications.

Where in the Brain is Long-Term Memory?

by Kayt Sukel

Synaptic-level changes encode memories in the short term. Could changes at the synapse-support structure, the perineuronal net, encode longer-lasting ones?

Cognitive Training: Still a Questionable Area

by Guy McKhann, MD


It's not easy for brain training companies to prove their products are truly helpful. That doesn't stop them from claiming they are. Our monthly column from Brain in the News


DNA Repair System Implicated in Brain Disorders, Too

by Carl Sherman

DNA damage and repair are widely studied by cancer biologists and immunologists; now neuroscientists are taking a look.

A Study of Motivation

by Kayt Sukel


 R. Alison Adcock, M.D., Ph.D.

It’s difficult to know what motivates people, but R. Alison Adcock’s lab is using imaging to study how states like desire and curiosity can facilitate “motivated memory.” Her work could have implications in the education field, but also in other learning contexts like psychotherapy and behavior change. One of our series of Neuroscientist Q&As.

Inflammation Dampens Reward Circuits in Depression

by Kayt Sukel

Growing evidence of a link between inflammation and mood suggests new pathways to possible treatments.

MS: What We Know and What We Need to Learn

by David Hafler, MD, and Benjamin A. Lerner, AB

While our understanding of relapsing remitting disease and treatment options have expanded enormously in recent years, understanding the mechanism of secondary and primary progressive MS, including the neurodegenerative aspects of these diseases, remains a central question. One of our series of Reports on Progress.


Lithium to the Rescue

February 1, 2016

by Richard S. Jope, Ph.D., and Charles B. Nemeroff, M.D., Ph.D.

 Cerebrum - article

New research reveals lithium’s role as a neuroprotector and suggests that enzymes modulated by lithium could lead to new treatments for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and other neurodegenerative disorders.

Events and Deadlines

Brainwave 2016: Emotion

2/3/2016- 4/25/2016

The Rubin Museum of Art

New York, NY

2016 David Mahoney Neuroimaging RFP

2/8/2016- 2/18/2016

The Dana Foundation

New York, NY

Shaping Student Mindsets: Promoting Academic Attitudes, Persistence and Performance

2/11/2016- 2/13/2016

Learning & the Brain

San Francisco, CA

Advances in Human Microbiome Science: Gut Brain Interaction


The New York Academy of Sciences

New York, NY

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Successful Aging:

Successful Aging: When is memory loss a sign of dementia? What actions can be taken to help maintain brain health? Our new, free booklet, Staying Sharp: Successful Aging and the Brain, gives answers to these and other memory-oriented questions in easy-to-understand language.

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