Brain in the News is a monthly print publication that features neuroscience content from around the world and a column from scientific advisor Guy McKhann, M.D. His columns appear below.

New Approaches to Brain Tumors

Guy McKhann, MD
July 2015
Personalized medicine may be the answer for brain tumor therapy, which desperately needs new ideas and approaches.

Stimulating the Brain: Electroceuticals

Guy McKhann, MD
May 2015
Stimulating the brain with electricity has been used for many years to treat various brain disorders and researchers continue to hone its capabilities.

The Remarkable Change in Psychiatry

Guy McKhann, MD
April 2015
Drawing from research and writings past and present, Dr. McKhann assesses the field of psychiatry, now a mainstream specialty​.

Aging: Replace or Repair?

Guy McKhann, MD
March 2015
Medical problems ranging from hearing loss to Alzheimer's disease can be treated with a "replacement parts" or "extended warranty" strategy.

New Stroke Therapy

Guy McKhann, MD
February 2015
There are still questions to be answered and procedures to be changed, but there are some exciting new therapeutic approaches to stroke.

A Neuroscience Giant

Guy McKhann, MD
January 2015
A tribute to a legend in the neuroscience field, the recently departed Vernon Mountcastle.

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