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Hack Your Brain: Free Online Science Escape Room for Kids

March 19, 2024

This spring, Science Friday, with support from the Dana Foundation, launched a free, online program for middle school students, their families, and educators. Hack Your Brain features escape room puzzles, live events with neuroscientists, educational resources, and an online community where participants can exchange ideas and socialize while exploring the exciting world of neuroscience.

Hack Your Brain is adaptable to a variety of educational settings, both inside and outside the classroom, and is designed for everyone, regardless of prior knowledge of neuroscience. The program provides engaging, self-directed learning experiences to connect middle schoolers with neuroscience-based strategies to improve mental health and wellness and develop a deeper understanding of the brain. Hack Your Brain empowers kids to chart their own path to discovery, in their own way and on their own schedules.

Register today so you don’t miss out on any of the program’s exciting and informative activities, which include:

  • Fun Online STEM Nights: Tune in to live, 45-minute Zoom sessions filled with brain trivia, hands-on activities, and the chance to interact with neuroscientists. These events take place weekly on Mondays from March 11-April 8. (Don’t worry if you can’t make all five; each session will be recorded and shared with registered participants.) The topics and schedule are:
    • Hack Your Brain: Move It – From dancing to running, discover how your brain powers every move you make. Watch the recording.
    • Hack Your Brain: Under Pressure – Dive into the science behind stress and learn effective coping strategies to conquer any challenge. Watch the recording.
    • Hack Your Brain: Making Memories – See just how powerful your brain truly is as you sharpen your recall skills and uncover the secrets of memory formation. Watch the recording.
    • Hack Your Brain: No Problem – Discover how your brain helps you adapt to changes and overcome obstacles. Watch the recording.
    • Hack Your Brain: Pay Attention – Sharpen your senses and fine-tune your attention to detail as you explore the fascinating world of human perception. Watch the recording.
    • Hack Your Brain: You’re the Scientist – Play games to understand mental health evolution, take part in the Online Memory Training Study to engage in memory boosting exercises, and uncover the mysteries of the brain. April 25 8pm ET. RSVP here.
  • Five-Day Escape Room Adventure: Unleash your problem-solving skills with challenging puzzles you can tackle from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else! The escape room will officially open on April 15 and build off the topics covered during the Zoom sessions. From April 15-19, participants will receive a daily email with a new piece of the story and a puzzle to solve. Complete each puzzle to collect the secret codes you’ll need to beat the escape room.
  • Digital Education Activities: Explore the world of neuroscience with easy-to-understand materials and engaging experiments, available in English and Spanish starting April 15.
  • Hack Your Brain Newsletter: Receive a special newsletter with a family-friendly storyline, discussion questions, secret hints, and additional activities to enhance your escape room adventure.
  • Secure Online Community: Connect with fellow participants to ask questions, exchange ideas, and form new friendships.

Science Friday is offering a limited number of kits with free materials to families and groups with financial constraints. You can indicate your interest in receiving a kit when you complete the Hack Your Brain registration form. A kit is not required to participate in the program. All written resources will be available online, and the materials needed to complete the activities are inexpensive and easy to find.

We hope you’ll join Science Friday on this brainy adventure. Please share the Hack Your Brain program with all the curious middle schoolers you know!


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