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Editorial Policy

Ethics Policy

The Dana Foundation is a private philanthropy that operates on the proceeds of an endowment and does not solicit further funds.

We strive to present scientifically vetted information and advice understandable to a general reader. For articles about new scientific findings, we require reporters to include a perspective on the research from at least one scientist with knowledge in the area and who was not involved in the specific research.


Fact-checking Policy

After editing our news articles, we ask outside science reviewers to review them before we publish. Our reporting on events we attend is reviewed by at least two senior editors.


Corrections Policy

Please tell us if one of our articles has incorrect information. Contact us here: or by direct email to

If the correction is small (a misspelled name, for example), we add an editor’s note below the article indicating the correction. If the correction changes science information in the article, we put the editor’s note before the text of the story and indicate the date of the change.


Policy last reviewed on August 15, 2023