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Our resources library features tools for teaching, professional development, and public engagement. Use these resources to learn more about neuroscience and society and to engage with others around topics important to the field. Search by format, audience, and intended use.

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Build-a-Brain, Grades K-5

Lesson in basic neuroanatomy with a sensory and motor activity creating the brain of an imaginary animal using Play-Doh
Lesson Plan/Activity

Expose Your Nose, Grades K-5

Lesson on the sense of smell with experiment that allows students to observe and gather scientific observations.
Lesson Plan/Activity

Protect Your Brain, Grades K-5

Lesson on ventricular system and common brain injuries; demonstration of how CSF helps keep the brain safe from injury.
Lesson Plan/Activity

Design an Imaginary Animal, Grades 6-8

A basic neuroanatomy lesson with a creative group activity: design an imaginary animal and build its brain out of Play-Doh
Lesson Plan/Activity

Touch-a-Brain, Grades 6-8

Extension of the Design an Imaginary Animal neuroanatomy lesson; students will touch a real sheep and/or human brain
Lesson Plan/Activity

Pipe Cleaner Neuron, Grades 6-8

Lesson on the neuron and neurotransmission; students create a model neuron out of pipe cleaners
Lesson Plan/Activity

Now You See It, Now You Don’t, Grades 6-8

Lesson on stages of memory formation; students get to test their short-term memory
Lesson Plan/Activity

Optical Illusions, Grades 6-8

Lesson on the visual system includes showing optical illusions to learn how they trick our brains
Lesson Plan/Activity

Sheep Brain Dissection, Grades 9-12

Lesson on comparative and gross neuroanatomy, function, and homeostasis
Lesson Plan/Activity

This Is Your Brain on Depression, Grades 9-12

Lesson on the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for teen depression. (PDF only, no PPT)

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