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Artificial Intelligence, Our Brains & Our Bodies with De-Shaine Murray and Matthew Liao

April 23, 2024

Who this is for:

Ethicists and Social Scientists

New brain-computer interfaces hold the promise of treating a plethora of ailments—from brain trauma & depression to paralysis & locked-in syndrome. But they also present new challenges and risks.

What are the pros and cons of hacking our brains?

Neuroscientist De-Shaine Murray and bioethicist Matthew Liao explore the rapidly transforming world of neuro-engineering and artificial intelligence. Presented by Secret Science Club.

De-Shaine Murray is a neuroscientist and bioengineer at Yale’s Wu Tsai Institute and the Yale Neuroscience Analytics Group, where he works on the development of multimodal monitoring tools for the brain. He is the co-founder of Black in Neuro, a nonprofit organization that celebrates and empowers Black scholars in neuroscience-related fields. Dr. Murray and his work have been featured in the Journal of Neuroscience, STAT News, and on NPR.

S. Matthew Liao is the director of the Center for Bioethics at NYU. He uses the tools of philosophy to study the ramifications of novel biomedical innovations. He is the editor and author of several books, including Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, Moral Brains, Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights, and The Right to Be Loved. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Atlantic, Guardian, and numerous other outlets.

This mind-expanding edition of Secret Science Club – the “Dana Foundation Neuroscience & Society Talk” series presented in honor of Brain Awareness Week – is supported by the Dana Foundation.


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