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Lesson Plan/Activity

Build-a-Brain, Grades K-5

September 25, 2023

Who this is for:

Science Communicators


The “Build-A-Brain” exercise integrates a fun sensory and motor activity with a basic neuroanatomy lesson. The instructor first provides a short explanation of brain structures and the functions they sub-serve. Students are then asked to utilize this information to create the brain of an imaginary animal using Play-Doh.

Students are asked to present and describe their imaginary animal’s brain and functions to the rest of the class. This exercise facilitates a broad range of learning styles, and the difficulty level can be adapted to suit a variety of grade levels and educational backgrounds.

Student Objectives

  • Explore the structure and function of various parts of the human brain.
  • Understand the differences between the brains of comparative animal models.
  • Utilize knowledge to create the brain of an imaginary animal.
  • Refine oral communication skills by presenting work to peers.

Lesson Plan

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