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Lesson Plan/Activity

Expose Your Nose, Grades K-5

September 25, 2023

Who this is for:

Science Communicators


Smell, also known as olfaction, is one of the five human senses. In addition to providing important information about the food we taste, olfaction also serves to inform us about hazardous odors in our environment. This “Expose Your Nose” exercise is interactive, fun, and stimulates lots of fun discussion about our sense of smell.

Student Objectives

  • Learn the pathway for odors once they enter our nose.
  • Discover how smells are tied to certain memories.
  • Practice observing and gathering scientific observations.

Lesson Plan

  • Title: Expose Your Nose
  • Setting: In Classroom
  • Subject: Biology – Neuroscience
  • Grade Level: K-5
  • Time Frame: 45 Minutes
  • Paired Dana Foundation Fact Sheets: 3rd-5th Grade How Do the Senses Work?
  • Next Generation Science Standards: Meets K-LS1-1

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