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Lesson Plan/Activity

Neuro Futures Championship Game

September 13, 2023

Who this is for:

Ethicists and Social Scientists
Science Communicators


In this activity, participants will decide what future neurotechnology should be crowned champion. In each round of this familiar bracket gameplay, two neurotechnologies will go head-to-head—with participants debating which one is the most beneficial to society. There are no right or wrong answers but the process of reaching consensus on each round will stimulate reflection and conversation. For more information about the technologies used in the game, refer to the Neuro Futures Technology Cards.


  1. How might future brain technologies change our society?
  2. How can we include many diverse perspectives and priorities in the development of brain technologies?

Learning Goals

  1. People’s values determine which technologies are developed and used.
  2. New technologies change society, sometimes in unexpected ways.
  3. Scientists, engineers, and designers use their creativity to invent things and imagine the future, just like you do.
  4. Brain research benefits from many perspectives, including yours.

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