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Neurodiversity and Accessing Creativity

January 3, 2024

Who this is for:

Science Communicators

Divergent minds lead to divergent thinking and problem-solving. This “thinking outside the box” is a strength for many neurodivergent people, who often thrive in entrepreneurship, music, and other creative fields. So, what does neuroscience have to say about these gifts, and are there ways to restructure schools, workplaces, and lifestyles to better harness them? This event featured a conversation about how neurodiversity often comes with increased access to creativity, and how the neurodiversity paradigm is shifting around how we think about conditions that were simply considered “disorders.” Held on November 29, 2023.


  • Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D., American Institute for Learning and Development
  • Michael Bakan, Ph.D., Florida State University
  • Ronald Beghetto, Ph.D., Arizona State University
  • Holly White, Ph.D., University of Michigan
  • Tyler Jones (moderator), SciCommers

Produced in partnership by the Dana Foundation and Boston College of Communication, Dana Discovery Dialogues was a six-month, virtual series that unpacked some of the most pressing and occasionally contentious topics in contemporary neuroscience. These discussions were curated to highlight how the latest research influences everything from our personal decisions to the broader challenges society faces.

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