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When Brains and Computers Connect

April 9, 2024

Who this is for:

Ethicists and Social Scientists
Science Communicators

Brain-computer interfaces might be implanted or external and can read signals, translate them, or both. They offer real promise in treating and diagnosing neurological disorders or in converting thought to speech. But they also have raised ethical concerns, and so can be a contentious topic. As these intriguing interfaces enter clinical testing, how should the public think about brain interfaces? Our expert panel provides an insightful overview about this growing field. Held March 27, 2024.


  • Jennifer French, Neurotech Network
  • Adam Gazzaley, M.D., Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco
  • Karen Rommelfanger, Ph.D., Institute of Neuroethics

Produced in partnership by the Dana Foundation and Boston College of Communication, Dana Discovery Dialogues were hosted by Mariette DiChristina, dean of Boston University College of Communication, and Tyler Jones of SciCommers. This six-month, virtual series unpacked some of the most pressing and occasionally contentious topics in contemporary neuroscience. These discussions were curated to highlight how the latest research influences everything from our personal decisions to the broader challenges society faces.

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