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Devon Collins, Ph.D.

Director, Dana Frontiers Program

Devon Collins, Ph.D., (he/him) is a New York-based neuroscientist. As director of the Dana Foundation’s Frontiers Program, he collaborates with the Vice President of Neuroscience & Society and other Foundation staff to develop and implement the Foundation’s grantmaking strategy around multidirectional community engagement with neuroscience. Before joining the Dana Foundation, Devon was a program manager at RockEDU Science Outreach at The Rockefeller University. In that role, he worked with scientists, students, educators, and engagement professionals to develop programs and resources for science engagement, research mentorship, and scientific professional development. Previously, he was a lead scientist at BioBus—a mobile lab-based, community-focused science education non-profit—and a science educator in the NYC school system. Devon received his B.A. in biology and psychology from Ball State University in Indiana. His undergraduate research explored mechanisms behind changes in synaptic connectivity in the peripheral nervous system. After Ball State, he continued his training as a postbaccalaureate scholar at the University of Chicago, where he studied neurodegeneration in rare ataxias and myasthenias. Devon completed his graduate and postdoctoral training in behavioral pharmacology at The Rockefeller University, where he explored how factors such as age, genetic variation, stress, and hormonal status affect brain and behavioral responses to opioid drugs. Originally from the Midwest, Devon was born and raised in Indianapolis before making his way to Chicago and, ultimately, New York. Outside of work, he enjoys container gardening, strength training, “taking in a nerdy comedy show,” and playing D&D with friends.

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