Brain in the News is a monthly print publication that features neuroscience content from around the world and a column from scientific advisor Guy McKhann, M.D. His columns appear below.

Machine Learning

Guy McKhann, MD
February 2017
The use of machine learning for prediction of disease activity is an exciting possibility.

Lies—Big and Small

Guy McKhann, MD
December 2016
fMRI may outperform a polygraph machine, but that doesn't mean it's 100 percent accurate

Far Transfer of Brain Training

Guy McKhann, MD
November 2016
There could be some benefits to brain training, but not exactly what the companies who make the products profess.

Warm Cells

Guy McKhann, MD
October 2016
A recent report on the central perception of temperature gets the author thinking about his own thermoregulation.

A Solution to a Surplus

Guy McKhann, MD
September 2016
The fact that there is a surplus of neuroscience graduates is not necessarily a bad thing.

Here's to the Tinkerers

Guy McKhann, MD
August 2016
French neurosurgeon Alim-Louis Benabid may not have been the likeliest candidate to come up with a novel use for deep brain stimulation, but his pioneering method helped treat Parkinson's disease.

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