Brain in the News is a monthly print publication that features neuroscience content from around the world and a column from scientific advisor Guy McKhann, M.D. His columns appear below.

A New Era for Genetics

Guy McKhann, MD
January 2018
A recent breakthrough in Huntington’s disease research calls attention to a new approach on modifying genetic diseases.

A Potential Solution to the Alzheimer’s Problem

Guy McKhann, MD
December 2017
Evaluating potential candidates for treatment and monitoring their progression are major challenges in the fight against Alzeimer's disease.

What's in a Name?

Guy McKhann, MD
September 2017
How can tossing a football or running stairs help you study for a test?

Migraines Go Green

Guy McKhann, MD
August 2017
Researchers have made progress treating migraines using different colored lights.

A New Memory Aid

Guy McKhann, MD
May 2017
Researchers may have uncovered a new benefit to brain stimulation: enhancing memory.

An Open Letter to Congress

Guy McKhann, MD
April 2017
Now is not the time to cut funding for medical research.

Brain Awareness Week

Guy McKhann, MD
March 2017
Brain Awareness Week has a proud history and a bright future.

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