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International Neuroethics Society (INS)

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To support the 2023 International Neuroethics Society (INS) Neuroethics Essay Contest open to secondary and postsecondary students, postdocs, and trainees throughout the world.


2023 - 2024
Year Awarded

Dana Education

This grant supports the 2023 INS Neuroethics Essay Contest, a free scholastic activity open to secondary and postsecondary students, postdocs, and trainees throughout the world. The contest encourages students and trainees to examine ethical concerns in research, law, and policy related to the mind and brain.

INS organizes the essay contest in collaboration with the International Youth Neuroscience Association. The contest currently includes three submission categories—Academic, General Audience, and High School. INS is adding a Video Essay Category in 2023, which accepts submissions in seven languages with English subtitles. Winning and honorable mention authors receive cash prizes, travel stipends to attend INS’s annual meeting, and opportunities to publish their work.

The essay contest is open to any student or trainee regardless of their research area, discipline, location, or residency status. Over its nine-year history, the contest has received submissions from authors based in 38 countries. With this grant, INS will devote more staff time to reaching out to and establishing relationships with students, trainees, and supporting professionals who are from under-resourced communities and underrepresented populations to ensure that a diversity of voices and cultural perspectives are represented in the essays.

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