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Society for Neuroscience (SfN)

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To continue support for, the trusted global information source about the wonders of the brain.


2022 - 2025
Year Awarded

Dana Education

This three-year grant will continue support for, the trusted global information source about the wonders of the brain. The website, which aims to empower people to explore our ever-expanding understanding of the brain and to celebrate our unique brains and diverse experiences, is visited by over two million users per year from around the world. will use the funding to focus on four priority areas for content creation in 2023-2025:

  1. Advancing storytelling on the intersection of neuroscience and society, drawing connections between neuroscience’s achievements and their benefits, challenges, and implications for society
  2. Expanding mediums of storytelling by working with new tools and digital trends to serve the most diverse audience possible
  3. Extending content and resources for educators at all levels
  4. Characterizing their audience and improving outreach to them by conducting online user surveys. shares the Dana Foundation’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and will prioritize these principles in the recruitment of staff, editorial board members, and freelancers as well as in the voices and perspectives that are captured through their storytelling. These practices will ensure that continues to be a resource that serves a wide and varied global audience with quality information about neuroscience and its many intersections with society.

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To ensure a positive future, we must better connect neuroscience to the needs of society. We must strive to make the field more inclusive and collaborative. By opening the field up to diverse perspectives, working in closer partnership with other disciplines, and deepening our engagement with the general public, neuroscience can contribute to the flourishing of everyone.

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