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Wake Forest University

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Dana NextGen

A Foundation planning grant for a potential Dana Center for Neuroscience & Society was awarded to Wake Forest University. The mission of the proposed Center was to bridge and catalyze ongoing conversations between the university and the public about the social, legal, and ethical ramifications of the eight pathways to brain health. The project was organized around (1) enhancing public understanding of behaviors related to brain health, (2) creating a sustainable research feedback model for researchers and communities, and (3) educating future professionals in policy, law teaching, medicine and scientific research. 

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To ensure a positive future, we must better connect neuroscience to the needs of society. We must strive to make the field more inclusive and collaborative. By opening the field up to diverse perspectives, working in closer partnership with other disciplines, and deepening our engagement with the general public, neuroscience can contribute to the flourishing of everyone.

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