Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (2007)

Funded in March, 2007: $50000 for 1 years
AHCMC will use Dana funds to expand their training program, The Teaching Artist Training Institute, to enable more teaching artists to be effective educators and increase their pedagogical knowledge.  This project is an expansion of the Dana-funded first year of Teaching Artist Training, developed in partnership with A+ Schools of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. The artists' needs and feedback will be considered in the design of the second year and a series of advanced sessions that focus on specific areas of interest will be developed. The introductory Institute for new artists will continue to be offered in order to increase the number of trained artists that will become part of the AHCMC roster in the future.  Overall goals of the program include increasing the number of artists that are trained through the program; development of a certification process and/or continuing credit for artists; creation of a web-based directory of trained roster artists for use by MCPS, AHCMC, and the community; and providing on-going career opportunities for trained artists.