Education Through Music - 2007

Funded in March, 2007: $60000 for 2 years
ETM will use Dana funds for training programs which aim to improve artists' abilities to educate children in music, as well as to support integration and advocacy.  Training includes a series of workshops supported with ongoing mentoring that primarily serves the teaching artists and in-school arts specialists who provide weekly, yearlong, in-school music instruction to partner school students.  Training will also be offered to mid-year hires and to teaching artist interns.  Advanced workshops will be offered to ETM's master teaching artists and outside trainers to enable them to become stronger facilitators.  Goals of the programs are 1) to improve the ability of teaching artists and teaching artist interns and in-school arts specialists to educate children in music; 2) to increase the frequency and quality of interaction between academic teachers and teaching artists/music teachers to collaborate and plan integration; 3) to increase the support for arts education within school and community; 4) to improve the ability of master teaching artists to facilitate effective training workshops for artists and teachers; and 5) to expand material and online resources to support training.