John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts - 2007

Funded in March, 2007: $60000 for 2 years
The Dana grant will fund the fourth and final seminar of the Kennedy Center’s Professional Development for Artists program entitled Leading Effective Residencies for Students.  The Kennedy Center created the four-part series to help artists and arts educators develop their own methods of bringing the arts into classrooms. This seminar will be developed to help teaching artists lead effective residency instruction and will be comprised of four modules. (Dana funds will be applied towards the first two modules).   Module I will examine the characteristics of effective instruction and introduce the idea of Reflective Teaching. It also focuses on the roles teaching artists play when they deliver instruction: Director, Facilitator, Encourager, and Gentle Enforcer as well as how to establish a collaborative stance with the teacher.  Module II focuses on verbal language and highlights such skills as giving clear directions, posing effective questions, listening and responding; offering appropriate support, and using language to build students' confidence and skills.