Young Playwrights' Theatre

Funded in March, 2007: $20000 for 1 years
With Dana funds, Young Playwrights’ Theatre will train fifteen professional playwrights in YPT's approach to integrating an artistic process into the classroom that directly addresses English Language Arts standards. The training of these teaching artists will allow YPT to expand its model for the In-School Playwriting Program, which enhances student literacy, creative expression and collaboration through the art of playwriting, to at least two more schools in Washington, DC.  Over the course of six months the teaching artists will receive training in YPT's approach to arts integration while working in the classroom with participating students.  YPT will also develop assessment tools that will reveal the effects of YPT's arts education programming on students' literacy and English Language Arts proficiency so that this enhanced programming can be implemented throughout D.C. Public Schools during the following school year.