Empire State Partnerships for Professional Development - 2008

Funded in March, 2008: $30000 for 1 years
The Dana grant enables The Empire State Partnerships to plan, implement, and evaluate their 2008 Summer Seminar, a 4.5 day residential professional development retreat to be held in July 2008. This retreat is designed to help build the capacity of grantees of NYSCA's ESP School Wide Arts program (as well as non-grantee attendees) to plan, implement, evaluate, and sustain large-scale school/cultural organization partnerships that are focused on whole-school improvement of teaching and learning, both in and through the arts.    Attendees of the Seminar, of which there are usually about 340, include artists and their teaching colleagues in the performing, visual and literary arts.  They are recruited through their ESP partnerships, who select a team of three members usually consisting of an artist, a teacher and an administrator.  The participating ESP schools serve a diverse population of students and comprise every grade level across New York State in urban, suburban and rural regions. Some ESP schools serve special needs and alternative student populations, including developmentally disabled students and incarcerated youth.